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Your home should be much more than a place to eat and sleep. It should be your source of inspiration and a place to make memories that last a lifetime! If you feel like your property could use a pick-me-up, turn to Ace.

The Ace Hardware Weekly Flyer has tons of products that can transform your domain and bring out your inner DIY enthusiast. Whether it’s taking care of menial tasks around your home or building the backyard oasis you’ve always wanted, Ace can help you get the job done.

To spruce up your backyard, check out Ace’s lawn and garden department. There, you’ll find all goods to flex your green thumb and show off your landscaping skills. If lawn care is what you’re after, there’s no shortage of items that can give your curb appeal a boost.

Get a magazine-ready front lawn with soil fertilizers, weed killers, and grass seeds. Find the right product to take care of yard pests while creating the perfect environment for grass to grow. Of course, Ace has all the tools to make it happen, too. Pick up sprayers, seed spreaders, fertilizers, mowers, and everything else you could need. Ace carries goods from all the major brands. So, you’ll have no problem finding some lawncare goods that meet your needs.

Want to try your hand at landscaping? With help from Ace, you’ll become a master gardener in no time! Surround your trees and shrubs with weed-blocking mulch and hardscape stones. Lay some pavers to create a storybook path that meanders around your property. Then, use borders and planters to guide visitors to your lush garden!

Speaking of gardens, Ace has your back there. Find potting soils, plant food, and more to make your garden flourish. With products from brands like Miracle-Gro, Scotts, and SunGro, you can’t go wrong!

Once you have all of your lawn and landscaping needs taken care of, consider extending your living space to the great outdoors! The Ace Hardware Weekly Flyer has you covered when it comes to outdoor recreation. Start by investing in weather-proof patio furniture. Couches, rockers, and full dining sets create a gathering space your entire family will enjoy.

Don’t forget about the grill! Get a basic charcoal grill or go all-out with a fancy smoker. Ace has the latest backyard cooking gear to take your cuisine to a whole new level. You can also find some top-notch coolers to ensure that refreshments are always on hand!

Are you looking to do some renovations inside? Ace has a wealth of products that can give your home a brand new look.

For quick and simple changes, consider redoing your hardware. At Ace, you can find new doorknobs, clothing hooks, cabinet pulls, and more. The difference might not seem like much. But, you’d be surprised by how something so small can have a big aesthetic impact.

If you would like something that has an even more significant influence on your interior design, pick up some new light fixtures. Replace every light in your home to produce a brand-new aura. Invest in mood lighting or make your home more energy-efficient with LED lights. The choice is yours. As you would expect, Ace also has all of the “behind the scenes” gear to help you complete your lighting projects, too. From electrical wires to new conduits and circuit breakers, it’s all here!

Finally, give every room in your house a brand-new mood with a fresh coat of paint. Ace has all the paint supplies you could ever imagine! Not only that, but you can find paints, primers, and stains from all your favorite brands. You can even discover specialty paint products to fit all of the latest trends. With a spectrum of colors and finishes to choose from, painting possibilities are limitless!

There’s no end to what you can do with products from the Ace Hardware Weekly Flyer. Ace truly is a one-stop shop for home and garden goods. Check it out for yourself and see what inspires you!