Annie's Craft Catalog

Annie's Craft Catalog

Some people view traditional crafting skills like knitting, needlework, and crocheting as “lost art.” While not as mainstream as it used to be, crafting communities and creatives continue to go strong! Annie’s Crafts is a specialty provider of craft supplies and tools. The catalog features pages of inspiration for your next project while giving you easy access to all the materials and supplies to make it happen!

Make no mistake: You don’t have to be a skilled expert to take advantage of what Annie’s Crafts offers! Find goods for all skill levels!

Novice crafters have a lot to gain from exploring Annie’s Crafts. You can pick up the basics and have an easy source for upgrading as your skills improve. Not only that, but Annie’s Crafts offers online classes, instructional books, and more. You can go from being a complete newbie to a skilled artisan in no time!

Of course, experienced crafters can utilize those resources, too. It’s never too late to find new inspiration and learn something new.

As you explore the pages of materials and supplies, you’ll find plenty of must-haves. Annie’s Crafts has goods for knitters, quilters, crochet artists, needlework enthusiasts, sewers, and more.

If knitting and crocheting are your art forms of choice, Annie’s Crafts has an impressive collection of yarns that will take your next project to new heights. Stick with simple acrylic yarns, or go all out with premium materials like merino wool or alpaca yarn! There’s no shortage of colors and finishes available. Choose the perfect machine-washable yarn, or give your project a unique flare with metallic threads. Annie’s Crafts also offers a myriad of weights, allowing you to create everything from thick, insulated blankets to light-as-a-feather baby clothes!

Don’t forget about the tools. Find knitting needles in every size imaginable, accessories to keep your yarn tangle-free, and more. You’ll also find beautiful patterns to guide your next creation.

Those who love the art of quilting or sewing have plenty of great finds to uncover. Quilting is a great way to create love-filled masterpieces that your family can pass down for generations. Get tools, quilt patterns, inspiration books, and precut fabric to bring your ideas to life.

The Annie’s Crafts catalog has plenty of options for fabric. Purchase precut squares to make your life as a quilter easier. Alternatively, you can get yardage cuts, jelly rolls, and more to make everything from doll clothing to home decor. The sky’s the limit regarding style, color, and texture. Annie’s Crafts has no shortage of fabrics full of color and whimsy. Look through the collection, and you’ll find a pattern that will create a spark of inspiration.

The goods from Annie’s Crafts don’t stop at yarn and fabric projects. Dip your toes into other art forms and see where your creativity will take you! Purchase a themed craft kit you can complete with your family. These kits help you make everything from holiday decor to themed fashion accessories.

Annie’s Crafts also has projects for paper crafts, woodworking, and more.

Not sure where to start your crafting adventure? Annie’s Crafts has you covered. Check out the many available crafting books. Some are filled with hundreds of pages of how-to guides and step-by-step project templates. Others are short, downloadable books that cover the basics and equip you with the knowledge to knock out your first project. Whether you want to pick up knitting for the first time or you’ve always wanted to try something like macrame, Annies Crafts has the books to get you there.

There’s so much to discover in the Annie’s Crafts catalog. Upgrade your creator’s studio with brand-new tools, supplies that take your skills to new heights, and materials to keep your stockpile full. Find inspiration for your next creation and pick up everything you need to bring your ideas to fruition at Annie’s Crafts!