Cheryl's Candy Catalog

Cheryl's Candy Catalog

Cheryl’s catalog is chock-full of sweet treats that are sure to please any discerning palate. Cookies and baked goods make fantastic gifts. They appeal to everyone and provide an unforgettable experience that sticks!

Find goods for every occasion. Cheryl’s offers themed treats for special events and holidays. You can also find curated collections that deliver a message and say what’s in your heart. Best of all, Cheryl’s wraps everything up in collectible containers!

Browse through the themed bundles to find baskets, pails, jars, and tins. The cookie crucibles are beautifully designed and work wonders to keep your edible gifts nice and fresh. Available in many sizes, the containers can accommodate your needs perfectly. Pick up a huge basket to bring to your next potluck dinner or family get-together. Or, find a large tin that you can keep in your office breakroom for all your colleagues to enjoy. The choice is up to you!

There’s no shortage of fun flavors to try out. Stick to a handful of favorites or get a large assortment. Bigger bundles are available in awe-inspiring towers that double as a dessert centerpiece. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that the treats inside are delicious!

Find cookie classics in heartwarming flavors that people love. Traditional flavor profiles like sugar cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter, and more are up for grabs. Relish in the familiarity! Cheryl’s also does unique twists on those old favorites. Buttercream frosting adds a dollop of sweetness while also creating a gorgeous design you’ll want to put on full display!

If you prefer something more exotic, Cheryl’s catalog has plenty of unique goods to discover. Pick up miniature muffins in a spectrum of flavors, dusted scones, donuts, mini cakes, and so much more! While Cheryl’s is known for its impressive cookie collection, it’s certainly not the only thing you’ll find. Don’t be afraid to try something new and see what kinds of experiences you can uncover.

Cheryl’s “bars and brownies” collection has a lot of fun foods to try. From red velvet brownies to peanut butter frosted buckeyes, these gourmet goods are sinfully decadent. The same goes for Cheryl’s bakery selection! Frosted bundt cakes, sweet bread loaves, and even savory English muffins are just waiting to tickle your palate!

Check out Cheryl’s catalog yourself and see what kinds of sweet treats you can find. No matter what types of sweets you prefer, Cheryl’s has something you and your loved ones enjoy. Pick up bundles and assortments for everyone on your gift list. Don’t forget to pick something up for yourself, too!