Garrett Wade Catalog

Garrett Wade Catalog

These days, power tools are at the forefront of modern work. While powered equipment certainly improves efficiency and speed, nothing beats the control of hand tools. Traditional devices offer timeless appeal. They cater to the artisans of yesteryear while allowing modern-day creators to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Garrett Wade specializes in top-quality tools for resourceful workers and artists. The Garrett Wade catalog is filled with unique equipment that appeals to those who want an enriching creative experience.

If you’re a woodworker, there’s a lot of gear to discover. Garrett Wade’s woodworking collection effortlessly blends old-school mechanics with modern convenience. Find well-designed chisels and handsaws to shape organic material into something beautiful.

To keep your project in place, you can also pick up some heavy-duty vises, clamps, and more. Garrett Wade has everything you could ever need to create a piece of furniture or a beautiful gift piece. From specialty antique tools to equipment that harnesses the power of a modern drill, there’s something for everyone.

Garrett Wade is also a big promoter of the arts! If you’re new to the woodworking hobby, you can pick up instructional DVDs, guidebooks, and more. Seasoned artisans can peruse the furniture plan collection to find some inspiration for their next piece!

Need some goods to make your workshop more functional? Garrett Wade has you covered there, too. Start by organizing your workspace. An organized work area is safer and more conducive to your art. Keep all your tools in rugged metal toolboxes. They’re great for keeping tools separate and can act as storage for those on-the-go jobs.

You can also gather all of the essentials to fulfill those odd projects around the home. Prepare yourself for whenever inspiration strikes! From tiny pliers for intricate tasks to demolition-ready gear for larger renovations, Garrett Wade has it all. Of course, the workshop collection is also stacked with tons of cleanup products that help you leave the sawdust behind!

Outdoorsy folks have a lot to uncover as well. Turn an untouched plot of land into your next homestead property. Find bushcraft goods and items for outdoor living. You can also pick up some must-have essentials to help you clear your land. Equipment like axes, machetes, knives, shovels, and more are up for grabs.

They can get through even the toughest brush. All the while, they keep you safe and ready for action.

When you’re ready to relax for the day, turn your land into a massive entertainment space for you and your family! Whip out the grill and cook yourself up a hearty meal. Garrett Wade has the tools to make it happen. Premium cookers, must-have accessories, and tons of cool gear for outdoor living are available.

Don’t forget about the camping gear! Whether you’re roughing it at a primitive camping site or exploring your favorite hiking spot, you need some tools to keep you safe. Garrett Wade has flashlights, lanterns, knives, and more to support you throughout your journey.

Once your land is ready for cultivation, check out the gardening selection. The Garrett Wade catalog has simple tools that make a big impact. Start by preparing your garden with all-metal tools. Shovels, trowels, hoes, and more can make quick work out of land preparation. Garrett Wade even has specialty tools you never knew you needed, such as bulb planters and ball weeders.

Keep your garden lush and well-fed. Garrett Wade carries all kinds of water systems. For slow and heavy hydration, consider drip irrigation systems or timed sprinklers. Basic watering cans and misters are available, too.

Even if you don’t have a garden, Garrett Wade’s tools will come in handy. Find pruning tools to manage the trees in your yard, cleanup tools to take care of debris, and more.

No matter what you get from the Garrett Wade catalog, you can rest assured that it’s built to last. These tools harken back to a simpler time when artists and workers had nothing but the sweat off their backs to get things done. They provide ultimate control and can serve as your “old reliable” when power tools fail.