Gardener's Supply Catalog

Gardener's Supply Catalog

There’s nothing better than watching a plant spring from the Earth with your support. Mother Nature is a wonder, and you can experience it yourself firsthand through gardening.

While nature takes care of the growing process, plans need plenty of help to go from seed to harvest! That’s where the free Gardener’s Supply catalog comes in.

Gardener’s Supply Company is your one-stop shop for all things plant cultivation. Get your hands dirty and feel the soil between your fingers! Whether you’re a complete novice or a well-seasoned green thumb, Gardeners is here to make your cultivation efforts a breeze.

You can’t start planting without an enriched plot to hold your seeds. Gardener’s Supply can help you create the perfect planting space. If you have the room, try building a raised bed.

Elevated beds offer excellent separation, keeping your plants contained. At Gardener’s, you can pick up all the pieces you need to build a raised bed. That includes the wooden sides, corner pieces, support brackets, and everything in between

Get wood protectant and stain to keep your garden in good shape for many seasons. Or, find a fancier material like preformed metal for a modern look. The choice is yours!

Prefer to try your hand at container gardening? You have tons to discover at Gardener’s. The pots and planters selection is massive. Not only do you have a variety of styles, but there are plenty of sizes to choose from as you plan your garden.

Get a trough-style planter for deeper soil and more plant options. Alternatively, you can give each plant its own home with a self-contained container. Gardener’s Supply even has unique planters to fit oddball spaces. For example, try adding some green life to your balcony with railing containers. Mobile planter carts, window boxes, planting benches, and more are all up for grabs.

The same goes for plant stands. Save space with a multi-tiered frame and put your hard work on full display!

If you’re looking to transform your backyard with larger gardening plots, the Gardener’s catalog has plenty of tools you help you make it happen. Start your journey with the right set of tools. You’ll find everything from cultivators and hoes to smaller hand trowels and lopping shears.

Anything you could ever need to grow, prune, and harvest your plants is all here. Gardener’s surprisingly has mobile caddies and other unique storage options. Of course, gloves, boots, and accessories to help you get dirty are available, too.

When the soil is ready, it’s time to think about irrigation! Gardener’s Supply has the products to go as complex or as simple as you want. For a more hands-off approach, you can invest in a soaker system. Weave the soaker hoses through every plant row, and they’ll keep the soil nice and moist. Soaker systems for raised gardens are available, too. You can also pick up connectors and accessories to customize your setup.

You’ll also find sprinkler systems, automatic water systems, and more.

For a straightforward approach, you can try hoses and watering pails. There are plenty of fantastic options available. Get a durable hose in the precise length you need it. Then, keep it all safe and tidy with a hose reel!

When you need plant support, Gardener’s Supply has functional and attractive products. Get trellis supports for vining plants, cages for fruiting bushes, and ties to keep branches growing in the direction you want.

Don’t have the space to garden outside? No worries! You can still experience the joy of gardening with indoor products.

Gardener’s Supply has seed starting kits, indoor planters, grow lights, and more. Fill your home with ornamental greenery or create your very own herb garden. The sky’s the limit!

Gardener’s Supply Company is a fantastic source of inspiration. Check out the catalog and start your garden today!