King Size Catalog

King Size Catalog

Shopping for clothes is supposed to be a fun and relaxing endeavor. But if you are big and tall it can be a nightmare! Most clothing stores only carry a handful of stock sizes, leaving the rest out of luck.

Luckily, King Size caters to the ill-served “Big and Tall” market. In the King Size catalog, you’ll find a wide assortment of clothing pieces to fit men who are larger than sample sizes.

Refresh your wardrobe and find garments that fit correctly. No more dealing with binding snug spots, puckering fabrics, or unflattering shapes. At King Size, the clothes fit your body type. The brand embraces your form and provides a cozy fit that feels great all day long.

Begin your closet makeover with shirts to match every occasion. King Size carries shirt sizes up to 9XL! Find the exact cut and fabric to meet your needs. Looking to keep things simple? Check out the tee collection, where you’ll find everything from traditional crewnecks and henleys to quirky graphics shirts and V-necks.

After that, peruse the casual shirt selection. There, you can discover long-sleeve shirts, polos, and more. Discover cool colors and eye-catching prints. Mix and match with the tees you got early to come up with countless outfit combos!

King Size also has a large assortment of dress shirts. Whether you’re looking for your next date-night ensemble or a professional-looking piece you can wear to work, you’ll find it here.

If you’re looking for pieces to brave the cold, King Size has plenty of great options to try out! Lighter sweatshirts and hoodies are up for grabs. They make great casual attire and complement other pieces well for a multilayered look. Or, you can check out the coats and jackets collection.

Finding suitable jackets that work with a larger frame is no easy task. Standard garments can make bigger figures look disproportionate. But at King Size, that issue is nonexistent! Each vest, coat, and sports jacket is purpose-made with your silhouette in mind. They provide adequate coverage without weighing you down or making your silhouette look over the top.

Once you have your shirts and outerwear sorted out, head over to the pants and shorts selection! King Size carries pants as big as 72W. There’s a lot to discover. Whether you’re more of an outdoorsy guy or someone who spends most of his time in an office, King Size has something for you.

Men who need something more utilitarian and practical can go for cargo pants and sweatpants. They utilize breathable fabrics and offer great flexibility for movement. Need something you can wear to work? Find a pair of dress pants to match your favorite shirt.

Don’t forget about the jeans! What closet is complete without a couple of jeans that fit you like a glove? At King Size, you can finally find that perfect fit. With a wide range of sizes and a handful of signature cuts, you can’t lose!

Many of King Size’s pants and shorts come with a myriad of comfort features to get you through the day. Breathable linings, sturdy pockets, and comfort elastic ensure that you never have to deal with the pain of ill-fitting pants ever again.

King Size offers so much more than just basic shirts and pants. Browse through the catalog to find wardrobe staples and must-have accessories. Old standards like underwear, socks, pajamas, and more are all up for the taking. As for accessories, you can find everything from comfort suspenders and belts to travel bags and gloves. Anything you can use to complete your outfit you’re sure to see here.

King Size also has a full suits department. Check it out to find complete sets, mix and match separates, and everything in-between.

After you have your outfits all sorted out, get some shoes to tie the entire ensemble together. King Size has shoe sizes up to 18EWW. Best of all, they’re all trendy and practical. Get yourself some active shoes to support you on your next run or gym session. Or, get some boots to conquer the worksite. Whatever you choose, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll fit comfortably.

With the King Size catalog in tow, those old frustrating shopping trips are a thing of the past. Find flattering shapes, comfortable fabrics, sizes you can’t get anywhere else. Invest in your comfort and confidence with clothes that work for your body.