Uncommon Goods Catalog

Uncommon Goods Catalog

Let’s face it: Shopping for even close loved ones isn’t easy these days! Discovering that magic item to get that authentic reaction of surprise and excitement is nearly impossible with mass-produced goods at your local big-box store. Everyone either already has those must-have items, or they’ve seen them around, eliminating the fun of gift-giving.

But what if you could shop from a retailer that provides nothing but out-of-the-box gift ideas? When you shop from Uncommon Goods, you finally can!

The Uncommon Goods catalog is chock-full of unique items you can’t find anywhere else. The brand works with artists around the globe to bring creators’ fantastic pieces to a much broader audience. It’s like walking through an alley of mom-and-pop shops while having the convenience of shopping from home.

There’s no end to what you’ll find at Uncommon Goods. Shop for everyone on your list! The Uncommon Goods catalog makes it easy by offering curated collections based on hobby and demographic.

Want to provide your recipient something fun and imaginative? Whether your loved one enjoys geek culture, technology, fitness, or travel, there are many goods to discover!

Pick up a whimsical board game to bring the family together and create memories. Or, you can get the creative juices flowing and push your recipient’s problem-solving skills with a unique tech gadget. Uncommon Goods carries a healthy collection of DIY kits, too.

These kits provide everything you need to create something beautiful. You’ll find kits to make a mini-terrarium, a felt woodland creature and even a personalized barrel of whiskey! These gifts don’t just provide the end product. They’re an educational experience full of fun memories. Who doesn’t like that?

Speaking of experiences, Uncommon Goods offers classes, too. The courses are all online, so your recipient can learn a new craft from the comfort of home. What kinds of experiences are on offer? The selection is ever-evolving, but you’ll find vouchers for skills like painting and cocktail-making. You’ll even see out-of-the-box experiences like astrology, mindful organizing, tarot-reading, and more.

The Uncommon Goods catalog also has a myriad of great home products to offer. Products to adorn every inch of the home are plentiful. But of course, everything has a unique twist. Here’s where you can shop for yourself in addition to a loved one or friend! Pick up a product that captivates anyone who visits.

With the sheer originality of these products, there’s no doubt that they’ll become conversation starters! What kinds of home goods can you find? The sky’s the limit!

Scent-lovers will enjoy the massive collection of candles, aromatherapy goods, diffusers, and more. Meanwhile, interior design fanatics will find their fair share of custom artwork, unique lamps, and random odds and ends. Get a wish globe and crystal-infused candle to create the perfect meditation space. Or, pick up art made of repurposed music vinyl to spice up a music room.

Uncommon Goods has you covered if you want to provide an unusual gift your recipient can wear. There’s no shortage of captivating jewelry pieces and accessories for men and women.

Ladies will love the unique collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. Many of the pieces have personalization options and carry a special meaning. For example, you can find a beautiful necklace with jewels representing every member of your family. Discover jewelry to celebrate an anniversary, show off a zodiac sign, and more.

Men will find great items, too. Whether you’re shopping for a husband or your dad, there are many great finds. Try quirky socks, a personalized travel bag, or eye-catching cufflinks.

That’s just a small sample of the types of products you’ll find in the Uncommon Goods catalog. The selection is always expanding, so you never know what you’re going to find until you look for yourself!