West Marine Supply Catalog

Nothing beats days on the water. It’s the feeling of limitless possibilities, the sun beating on your face, and the steady rocking of your vessel. It doesn’t matter how you enjoy your time on the water. Whether on a simple canoe or a decked-out yacht, you need the right equipment to make your days memorable.

That’s where West Marine comes in! The West Marine catalog is your one-stop shop for all things boating. Pages of high-quality products await. Finding the right gear isn’t always easy, but West Marine gives you easy access to all the brands you love and plenty of hidden gems you have yet to discover.

If you have a motor-powered vessel, keeping your equipment in good shape is a must! Luckily, West Marine has you covered.

Pick up the essentials you need to keep motors running smoothly. That includes oil, filters, marine grease, and more. You can also find engine parts like carburetors, exhaust systems, cooling systems, propellers, drive-train components, and more. Find replacement parts and maintenance must-haves. West Marine has it all!

The same goes for electrical equipment. While most powered boats rely on gas motors to zip through the water, there are tons of electrical components. We’re talking about batteries, chargers, inverters, and more. Get all the wiring and electrical parts you need to have a good time and keep all your equipment in working order. You’ll find parts to upgrade your electrical distribution system, lighting rig, and shore power setup.

Want to turn your boat into a tech haven? The West Marine catalog has what you need!

Invest in better navigational equipment to maneuver through meandering lakes and ocean inlets. See where you are at all times as you explore the open ocean, and always know your way back to the dock.

West Marine also has a great collection of fishfinders to locate the best fishing holes. Stay in communication with the land through upgraded satellite communication systems, cellular antennas, and more. Of course, you can also find marine instruments to become the seafarer you’ve always wanted. Invest in everything from depth instruments to knot meters and logging gear.

Anchoring and docking gear are also available. West Marine carries equipment for boats of all sizes. Get a small anchor to keep a dingy in place and mooring gear for bigger vessels. West Marine also has the necessary products to make your dock safe and efficient. That includes bumpers, carts, steps, and more.

But what if you need an actual boat? West Marine has small boats perfect for quick excursions on the lake or as an easy-to-maneuver alternative to your larger vessel. Buy dingies, inflatable boats, and rigid boats. You can also buy 4-stroke outboard motors, electric motors, and propane outboards.

If you’re a fan of water sports, West Marine is a treasure trove of fun. Buy a paddle boat to explore small streams and twisting rivers. Alternatively, adrenaline-seekers can upgrade the fun with towables like tubes, wakeboards, water skis, and more. Of course, in-water gear is up for the taking, too. Get all your dive suits, snorkel sets, and water toys at West Marine.

There are plenty of great gift ideas for the boaters in your life. West Marine has a fantastic collection of clothing perfect for deck life. Show off your boating pride and get garments that keep you safe from the elements. From hot summer days to those windy evenings on an angry ocean, you can find clothes to keep you safe, comfortable, and happy.

That’s just a taste of what you can buy at West Marine. The catalog has pages of gear you’ll want to earmark. Stock up on the essentials, save for extensive upgrades and take your hobby to the next level. With West Marine, boating has never been more fun!